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Meet Azy


Born:               December 14, 1977

Weight:           250 pounds

Arm Span:      9 feet from fingertip to fingertip

Lived Where: National Zoo, 1977; Albuquerque Zoo, 1978-1980; National Zoo, 1980-2004; Great Ape Trust, 2004-2010; Indianapolis Zoo, 2010-present

Unique Characteristics:    intelligent, social leader, patient

Azy came to Indianapolis from the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa. He has all of the physical features that make him an exceptionally attractive adult male orangutan. In addition to being about twice as big as the females, he has long hair, cheek pads (also called flanges), and a long beard. Azy is remarkably gentle with the other orangutans and his human friends. He also maintains peace among the females and intervenes if a fight occurs. Azy is an especially positive role model for Rocky, since they share a wonderful and playful relationship.

Azy is eager to learn new tasks, especially those that provide a mental challenge. Azy has extensive experience in cognitive testing and has participated in studies of tool use, quantity judgment, and counting. He has years of experience using touch-screen computers to communicate via a symbol-based language. Azy began this work at the National Zoo, where he lived at the Think Tank exhibit and participated in the Orangutan Language Project which started in 1995. Azy has spent 3 decades working with Dr. Rob Shumaker, Vice President of Conservation and Life Sciences at the Indianapolis Zoo. The two have formed a close relationship through the years and they will continue to work with each other on language and cognitive research activities at the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center.   

Azy doesn't spend all of his day learning; he likes his down time too! He enjoys opening wrapped boxes to find treats inside and when he needs to rest, he covers himself with a sheet for a little time alone. Food of all kind appeals to Azy, but his favorite snacks are fruit, peanuts, and cooked onions.

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