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Beacon at Night

The Nina Mason Pulliam Beacon of Hope

The iconic Nina Mason Pulliam Beacon of Hope stretches 150 feet into the sky and transforms the Indianapolis skyline. At night, it is illuminated by lights the orangutans turn on themselves, reminding Indianapolis that there is still hope for orangutans but that hope is centered on us. The Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center is more than a zoo exhibit; it is a call to action. We believe the legend of the Beacon of Hope will spread far and wide, and Hoosiers will tell its story to visitors for generations to come.

The R. B. Annis Atrium

The R.B. Annis Atrium below is a four-season ecosystem where orangutans and humans can come together regardless of weather conditions. With an internal height of 80 feet, it allows orangutans to climb and move as orangutans, not as humans have constrained them in the past. The Atrium has both indoor and outdoor viewing for guests, and houses interpretive spaces and a theater-style demonstration laboratory.

Hutan Trail

The Myrta Pulliam Hutan Trail

The Myrta Pulliam Hutan Trail is an ingenious interpretation of an orangutan highway through the forest. One of the most exciting features of the Center, the cables and bridges of the Hutan Trail allow orangutans to leave the Atrium and travel to different places around the Zoo, and over the heads of Zoo guests. Perhaps most importantly, the Hutan Trail allows orangutans to make choices such as where they go and with whom they associate or avoid.  The orangutans at the Center are not simply on exhibit, they also continue to engage in the kinds of activities they would do in the wild.

Sky Line

The Orangutan Oasis Areas

The Oases are three special places where the orangutans can go if they wish to be apart from others or for encounters with staff and visitors. At times, specialized enrichment activities will be available for the orangutans so they can continue to learn and develop in their new home, and they can provide valuable information for our experts so we can help protect orangutans in the wild. The oases provide up-close orangutan viewing as they learn, play, and rest.


The Skyline

The Skyline is a dramatic aerial gondola ride above the Zoo, taking visitors close to the Myrta Pulliam Hutan Trail for a unique perspective on the orangutans. The orangutans will be watching you at eye level while you watch them! The small Skyline passenger fee will generate an estimated half-million dollars in annual revenue to help fund the orangutans’ care in Indianapolis.

The Efroymson Family Exploration Hub

The Efroymson Family Exploration Hub is perhaps the most exciting exhibit element for Zoo visitors, scientists and others who will have a remarkable window into the orangutans’ world, facilitating engagement, discovery and learning. Visitors to the Indianapolis Zoo play a significant role in providing these intelligent animals with engaging ways to stiExploration mulate their minds. Students and other visitors to the Tim M. Solso Learning Studio may observe scientists conducting research on orangutan cognitive abilities as the animals engage in various enrichment activities. Those interested may choose to observe and interact more closely with the orangutans, while all visitors learn lessons about sustainability and securing the future of orangutans by safeguarding the forests that sustain all aspects of their lives. Interactive kiosks throughout the hub give visitors the opportunity to learn more about orangutans in the wild as well as conservationists who are making a difference for wildlife around the globe.  You can even make a contribution that will support Indonesian reforestation efforts sponsored by the Indianapolis Zoo.