Eight Amazing Orangutans. The Most Important Zoo Exhibit in the World. New Hope for a Species on the Verge of Extinction.

On May 24, a dream team of orangutans will kick off a new era in Indiana. Their journeys began across the world, but their stories join together with you and your family in one amazing place: the Indianapolis Zoo's International Orangutan Center. This will be one of the most visually stunning and ambitious zoo exhibits ever created, with incredible vistas, dozens of unique perspectives of the orangutans, and mesmerizing interactive opportunities!

Three Ways to Become Involved

• Support the New Team

Make your gift to help support the International Orangutan Center! Get your exclusive New Team t-shirt with a gift of $250 or more. Plan on visiting the best zoo exhibit in the world after it opens on May 24, 2014.

• Make Healthy Choices

Take the orangutan match quiz and see who you're most like. Then, encourage your family to sign up for the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation's 5-2-1-0 Countdown to Health Challenge in partnership with the Indianapolis Zoo and WFYI. Since orangutans share 97% of humans' DNA, you'll5-2-1-0 learn how many of the same health concerns people face in their everyday lives - including weight gain and diabetes - can be managed through good food choices and daily exercise. 

What is the 5-2-1-0 Challenge?


•Education Program

Encourage your community school to participate in the FREE International Orangutan Center Education Program. Students in grades K-8 will learn about orangutans, their habitat, and their uncertain future through engaging  hands-on activities with a strong focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).

Check out some fun videos to see how some of Indiana's well-known personalities matched up with the Indianapolis Zoo's orangutans:

Leonard Hoops, Visit Indy President and CEO, loves taking on new challenges, just like his Indianapolis Zoo orangutan match.



Watch more celebrity videos, then take the quiz to find your match. You just may find you have something in common with one of Indy's most notable personalities!

Tamika CatchingsBob Kravitz 

Scott JonesNicole Misencik


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