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Meet Rocky


Born:                September 25, 2004

Weight:            105 pounds

Lived Where:  Private ownership in the entertainment industry, birth to 2008; Great Ape Trust,  2008-2010; Indianapolis Zoo, 2010-present

Unique Characteristics: high energy, very social, playful

Rocky came to the Indianapolis Zoo from the entertainment industry. At one time, he was the most seen orangutan in commercials, movies, and other media. Raised by humans, he did not live with other orangutans until he was three and a half years old. When he was introduced to other orangutans, he and Knobi immediately formed a strong rapport. She quickly became his adopted mother and taught him how to behave with other orangutans.

Like all young orangutans, Rocky is playful, has lots of energy, loves attention, and likes to find trouble.  Lately, Rocky has developed a special interest for playing in water, filling large tubs from a water fountain, and then getting inside and splashing around.  He is very social, frequently inviting play from all of the other orangutans at the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center. He can be very persistent, even when the other apes want to be left alone! Knobi still treats Rocky as her son and disciplines him when necessary.

Rocky is especially inquisitive, always ready to learn something new, and is terrific at solving problems. He is a natural when it comes to using the computer. His favorite foods are apples and grapes.


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